Outside of being pleasing to the eye, pruning keeps shrubs and trees healthy

Most landscape plants require regular pruning depending on the variety and location of the plant.

Different plants require distinct pruning techniques; whether you are looking for a loose, natural form or a tight, sculpted shape.

Proper pruning is based on:

  • Flowering times
  • Growth rate for the season
  • Space management
  • Overall health of the plant

We offer a wide range of trimming or pruning styles from light shearing to rejuvenation pruning which can bring new life to old shrubs.

Our expert crews have the knowledge needed to properly prune your plantings and know the proper timing of when they should be pruned.

Our customers say it best...

“Benson Enterprises did a major restoration of the planting areas around my entire home. This involved removing all weeds, trimming all plants, trimming two large trees, repairing some steps and doing some new plantings. I am VERY SATISFIED with them. They came when they said, were very PROFESSIONAL, cleaned up each day at quitting time and they did an EXCELLENT job. They were very professional and just did a great job. They even called to be sure there was nothing I was dissatisfied with.”

~ James M., Fairport, New York

Weak, fallen limbs, overgrown beyond their years - tree care is best left to the professionals

Trees are one of the most overlooked parts of the landscape. As with shrubs, trees need regular pruning to maintain their health and branching structure.

Many people neglect their trees and don’t properly prune or trim them. Customers that prune or trim their trees regularly will have less damage from ice, snow, and wind storms. Tree pruning or thinning is also a way to help the sunlight reach your lawn, resulting in a healthier grass.

If you prefer to have your pruning handled professionally, our trained and experienced Horticulturists can provide this service for you.

We also offer tree removal and stump grinding services. After the chips are cleaned up and top soil and grass seed are added, you will never notice that a tree used to be there.





Our customers say it best...

“Greg, Erik and the crew were UNBELIEVABLE! I envy your staff! I would highly recommend Benson.”

~ Scott D., Victor, New York



Different plants require distinct pruning techniques. Leave it to the professionals.

Simply fill out the form below and one of our certified lawn professionals will contact you.

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