Our Team of Experts

Our Team of Experts


Experts in Landscaping

Our staff consists of Certified Nursery & Landscape Professionals (CNLPs). CNLPs have a minimum of three years work experience in the industry, take a rigorous proficiency examination administered by the New York State Nursery & Landscape Association, and must maintain an ongoing educational program.

Certified Nursery and Landscape Professionals

Scott Benson: President

Phone: (585) 248-0452, ext. 206


Scott Benson is the President of Benson Enterprises. Having started the company in 1987 while still in high school, he continued to grow the business while attending college at Alfred State. After college, Scott used his knowledge and experience in the landscaping field to expand Benson Enterprises to what it is today.

He continues to have the same personal approach as when he started the company by being readily accessible to all his customers. His strong work ethic and belief in excellent customer service are reflected in all aspects of the company from the courteous, knowledgeable employees to the excellent quality of the services.

Greg Fritz: Senior Landscape Designer

Phone: (585) 248-0452, ext. 205


Our Senior Landscape Designer, Greg Fritz, is a very talented and professional design artist with a stunning portfolio of completed projects. His knowledge of plants and building materials combined with his extraordinary creativity enables him to design landscapes of many styles and themes. His outgoing personality, communication skills and hands-on approach to detail make working with him both productive and enjoyable.

Greg approaches each landscape design with sensitivity to the surrounding environment, an understanding of each homeowner’s lifestyle and attention to the architectural characteristics of each home. He interacts directly with customers through the design and bidding process and oversees the work throughout all phases of construction. Greg is a Certified Nursery & Landscape Professional (CNLP) with a degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Connecticut. He has worked in the landscaping field since 1995.

Jason M. Erb: Operations Supervisor

Phone: (585) 248-0452, ext. 204


Jason Erb was with Benson Enterprises for over a year as a Team Leader in the field before he joined us as the Operations Supervisor.  His experience in the field makes Jason very knowledgeable about what our customers expect from Benson Enterprises.

In addition, Jason has over 15 years of customer service experience and 7 years in the lawn care industry where he came from one of the nation’s top lawn care companies.  Along with his DEC Commercial Pesticide Applicator license, he has a vast knowledge of grass types, weed identification and control and general cultural practices to maintain a beautiful lawn and landscape. 

Jason is very eager to continue to learn more and increase his knowledge to give the highest quality service to our customers.  He works closely with our production crews and customers to ensure that the work completed on each property is to the highest standards and that all our customers’ needs are met.


Ben P. Casper: Landscape Sales Consultant

Phone: (585) 248-0452, ext. 203


Ben has over 10 years of experience in the landscaping industry along with a degree in Business Marketing from SUNY Fredonia. His passions for nature and customer satisfaction make Ben an essential link in the landscape transformation process from start to finish.

Ben will work closely with our customers to identify their maintenance and installation needs. Customers enjoy working with Ben because his outgoing personality and landscape knowledge make each meeting efficient. His years of hands-on experience combined with his college education provide him with the confidence and skills to serve our customers in all their landscape needs.

Neil Rogers  Landscape Sales Consultant

Phone: (585) 248-0452, ext. 209


Neil has worked in the landscaping industry for over 7 years.  His hands-on work in the field has given him extensive knowledge of the advantages of landscape maintenance.  

Neil also has over 12 years of experience in providing excellent customer service and customer relationship sales, where he carefully listens to his customers so he can provide you with the best option to meet and exceed your landscaping needs.  Neil's years of experience give him the skills to assist you every step of the way.

Office and Customer Service Professional

  Danielle K. Rumsey: Director of Administration

  Phone: (585) 248-0452, ext. 201


Danielle Rumsey has an Accounting degree and over 20 years of experience specializing in customer relations, as well as operations and staff management. Her energetic personality and excellent interpersonal and communication skills provide our customers with a great first impression of Benson Enterprises.

Danielle is a resource to help answer any questions our customers may have or provide them with the appropriate person to assist them. She continues to ensure detailed organization and implement effective processes to improve our efficiency within the office.

Danielle supports our customers and our entire team at Benson Enterprises and works on building friendly and productive relationships with all.



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