Add interest to your landscape or give your property more useable space by pushing back a slope

Retaining walls not only provide a useful benefit, but can also be a beautiful addition to your landscape.

Materials that can be used range from natural boulders, natural field stone, and colonial stone to segmental concrete walls and timbers.

Our landscape installation crews take every opportunity to install the landscape so it will thrive and endure for decades to come. Our installation crews use the highest quality materials and plants available. We search plant nurseries and growers throughout the northeast to procure the most appropriate plants for each job. Our people are highly trained in the correct and proper methods of installing plant materials, stone walls, water features, patios, and formal gardens.

All walls, either natural or modular, will be constructed on a minimum 6″ crushed stone base. The first course, or toe of the wall, will be set 1-12” below grade depending on the final height of the wall. After the first course is laid, the wall stone is stacked in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. All retaining walls will be backfilled with washed stone. Based on site conditions, wall height and product selection a 4″ perforated pipe will be installed behind the wall(s) along with geo grid. Cap stones for the wall are then installed. If the wall is curvilinear, the caps will be cut for a snug fit. The caps are adhered to the top of the wall with outdoor specific adhesive. The final grade will then be brought up to the back of the wall. Benson Enterprises guarantees your retaining wall not to settle for two years baring improper builders grading or other reason unrelated to the craftsmanship of the work.

Benson Enterprises guarantees your patio not to settle or shift for two years baring improper builders grading or other reason unrelated to the craftsmanship of the work. Click here to see our complete Installation Terms of Service.




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