Winter is a Great Time to Prune!

Winter is a Great Time to Prune!

Winter is a Great Time to Prune!

Keep your trees and shrubs healthy with our winter pruning service!

Most landscape plants require regular pruning depending on the variety and location of the plant.

Winter is a great time of year to prune deciduous plants because the natural structure of the plant can easily be seen. It’s called dormant pruning, and it’s a gift you can give your trees and shrubs.

During this dormant period, diseased or dead branches can be removed, and the plant reshaped.  It’s a time for more serious pruning than the typical maintenance pruning you’d do during a plant’s growing season.

This can help prevent heavy snow and ice from bending and breaking dead branches, as well as, help avoid less damage during a wind storm.

We offer a wide range of trimming or pruning styles from light shearing to rejuvenation pruning which can bring new life to old shrubs.

Our expert crews have the knowledge needed to properly prune your plantings and know the proper timing of when they should be pruned.

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